If You Don’t Know Where to Start…and How to Use the Online Directory

  • If you’re concerned about your child’s development and aren’t sure where or how to start: Visit the Early Start website, use the search bar on any page in this directory to find your local regional center, or call the Early Start Babyline (800-515-BABY). Staff in the Early Start and Health Services Section of the California Department of Developmental Services answer the Babyline and can help you:
    • Know what to do if you’re worried about your infant’s or toddler’s development.
    • Know who can tell you if your child is developing as he or she should be–whether your child sees, hears, babbles or talks, interacts, and moves as you can expect for a child of that age.
    • Get a referral to Early Start services.
  • If you know the service you need, use the drop-down menu in the Search box on any page in this directory to select the county where you live and then select the service you want. The search will give you the listing in your local area and contact information.
  • Read about the Early Start System to learn how it works, who is eligible for services, where to find services, and other details. Then use the Search bar on the home page to find the service you want in your county.