Effective Practice

Effective Practice courses and workshops are training activities that support guided practice and exploration, facilitated interaction, and personal planning for early intervention service personnel. Activities may be face-to-face, online (such as a webinar) or a hybrid of face-to-face and online. As with all Early Start training, content is developed with field practitioners, managers, and family partners.

Effective Practice special topic training sessions offer timely content, innovative tools, and strategies appropriate for experienced Early Start providers, service coordinators, managers, supervisors, and family support personnel. Activities might include live trainings, webinars, and self-paced open access courses, conducted as needed to offer “just-in-time” communication to the field on issues critical to Early Start implementation. Special and critical topic webinars are conducted in real time and archived for later access.

The most recent Effective Practice event, an Early Start Partners Symposium (ESPS), took place in June 2022 through Zoom after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. The ESPS is a comprehensive, face-to-face professional development and networking opportunity for the entire Early Start community. General and breakout sessions are designed to be intensive and interactive, using facilitated training and discussion processes to deliver content that goes beyond foundational knowledge and strategies to address topics of critical interest to both new and seasoned Early Start personnel. Participants from multiple disciplines have the opportunity to access a higher level of research and practice, engage in cross-agency training, and take part in collegial discussions.

Project Co-Directors:
Virginia Reynolds and Angela McGuire

Angela McGuire, Early Start Training Coordinator